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We secure startups.

Is your startup vulnerable? Parapit helps startups and growing ventures secure their online presence and software.

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What is Parapit?

Parapit provides affordable and reliable security consulting to ventures at young to mid-level growth stages.

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Securing ventures.

Meet the team

The Parapit team is backed by strong industry experience and partners in acedemia. Our security professionals are passionate about software, networks, and systems engineering.

Software company?

We cater to startups with a strong online presence or software as a core product. Our seasoned security software engineers experienced in writing secure code can help you patch problems in your software before they appear.

Web company?

Have a website for your startup? Then you have an online presence. Our team will ensure your content is locked down and your customer data is safe.


We take the hassle out of finding the best systems to secure your products. We can help build your online platforms from the ground up with security in mind. Have existing infrastructure? We can ensure your systems are impermeable.

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